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NC State Extension

NCDA Personnel

Tidewater Research Station Personnel

Research Operations Management
Rusty Collins
Ag. Research Superintendent III Ext. 121
Livestock & Aquaculture
W. Terry Armstrong
Ag. Research Manager Ext. 123
Vacant Ag. Research Specialist
Austin Jones Ag. Technician II
Tyler O’Dell Ag. Technician II
Lee Tyre Ag. Research Specialist
Louis Mobley Ag. Technician II
Matthew Wynn Ag. Technician II Ext. 145
Crop Maintenance & Greenhouse
Churchill Hodges Ag. Research Manager (Crops Maintenance and Greenhouse) Ext. 163
Griffin Jackson Ag. Technician II (Crops Unit)
Christopher Long Ag. Technician II (Crops Unit)
Gary Ange Ag. Technician II (Crops Unit)
Chase Joyner Ag. Technician II (Crops Unit)
James Griffin Jr. Ag. Technician II (Crops Unit)
Charles Hough Maint./Const. Tech II (Maint. )
Brandon Barnes Ag. Research Specialist/Hybrid (Maint. & Crops)
Pamela K. Britt
Ag. Research Specialist (Greenhouse/Headhouse Supervisor) Ext. 146
Nelson Blackwell Ag. Technician II (Greenhouse)
Dan Spruill Ag. Technician II (Greenhouse)
Agronomic Division
Carla Pugh
Regional Agronomist Ext. 122
Office Staff
Lisa Jernigan
Administrative Specialist I Ext. 120