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NC State Extension

Vernon James Conference Center Guidelines

1. Reservations may be made up to one year in advance. Reservations made be made via email at or by calling 252.793.4428 ext. 126. Conference room users are responsible for any damage to the facility.

Rates are as follows:
Between Hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. – Monday – Friday:

For events of 50 – 100 people
$75.00* – Nonprofit/Government/Education
$100.00* – Private Business
For events of more than 100 people but less than 150
$125.00* – Nonprofit/Government/Education
$150.00* – Private Business
For events of more than 150 but no more than 200
$175.00* – Nonprofit/Government/Education)
$200.00* – Private Business

After hours and weekend rates:

$200.00* – For events of 100 people or less – Partial day (less than 6 hrs.)
$225.00* – For events of 100 people or less – Full day (more than 6 hrs.)
$250.00* – For events of 101 -149 people – Partial day (less than 6 hrs.)
$275.00* – For events of 101 –149 people – Full day (more than 6 hrs.)
$300.00* – For events of 150 -199 people – Partial Day (less than 6 hrs.)
$350.00* – For events of 150 – 199 people – Full Day (more than 6 hrs.)
$425.00* – For events of 200-230 – Partial day (less than 6 hrs.)
$450.00* – For events of 200 – 230 people – Full day (more than 6 hrs.)

Capacity is limited to 230 people by order of Fire Marshall.

*$20.00 fee for use of a microphone.

*Fees include room set-up and kitchen use to serve food for catered events. Further kitchen use, i.e. appliance use will require an additional fee of $50.00.

**A $50.00 deposit is required when the facility is reserved. The initial deposit will be refunded if the event is canceled within 7 days of the event. An additional fee of $150.00 will be charged in cases of unusual wear and tear on the rooms and moving of tables and chairs.

A $250.00 charge will be passed on to the sponsor for any fire alarm pulled. Therefore, please monitor children and youth at ALL times.

2. Signs, displays, pictures, banners or similar items are to be displayed only on a bulletin board, table or easel. Items are NOT to be attached to walls or door by ANY manner. Confetti and glitter are NOT allowed. All decorations and rental items must be removed by the sponsor immediately following the event. There will be an additional fee of $100 for items left overnight unless permission is received before the event.

3. Permission must be obtained in advance for any items rented from an outside vendor(s), i.e. dance floor, round tables, piano, etc. No inflatables, i.e. bouncy houses, etc. are permitted.

4. Buffet tables and other food serving stations are restricted to the tile-floored rooms behind the meeting rooms or in the lobby. Food and drinks with dye are not to be served in the carpeted meeting rooms but may be consumed in these rooms with caution. Coffee and snacks may also be set-up in the lobby/reception area as well as other tiled floored rooms.

5. Tables will not be covered unless specifically requested. There will be an additional charge of $35.00 for disposable table covering. This is in addition to the room fee and kitchen fee.

6. The sponsor is responsible for removing ALL trash from catered meals and other sources and placing in the dumpster, cleaning the bathrooms, light sweeping and mopping if there is a spill. The sponsor will be provided one trash can liner per trash can. ADDITIONAL LINERS WILL NOT BE PROVIDED. DO NOT REMOVE FULL TRASH LINERS FROM CANS ON CARPETED AREA.

7. Smoking IS NOT allowed inside the building at any time by order of G.S. 130-493.

8. NO ONE is to tamper with or change the thermostats. There will be a charge for thermostats being changed.

9. Seating arrangements MUST BE discussed prior to the meeting. A diagram of the room is available with the request form. SET UP WILL BE ACCORDING TO DIAGRAM PROVIDED/NUMBER GIVEN – A $50.00 FEE WILL BE CHARGED FOR ADDITIONAL CHAIRS AND TABLES NEEDED AFTER ORIGINAL SET UP.


11. Disposal of grease down the sink or on the ground or grill charcoal residue on the ground is strictly prohibited. The back door is not to be propped open under any circumstances.