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NC State Faculty & Staff

Vernon G. James Research and Extension Center Personnel

Phone: 252-793-4428

Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Chad A. Poole
Assistant Professor and Water Resiliency Extension Specialist Ext. 165
Robert Walters
Research Specialist Ext. 130
Crop and Soil Science
Ronnie W. “Ron” Heiniger, Ph.D.
Professor, Extension Corn Specialist Ext. 154
Ben Winslow
Research Technician Ext. 131
Carl R. Crozier, Ph.D.
Professor, Soil Fertility, Emeritus Faculty Ext. 134
Entomology and Plant Pathology
Dominic Reisig
Associate Professor, Extension Specialist Ext. 133
Clifton Moore
Research Technician Ext. 155
Steven Roberson
Research Technician Ext. 167
Emily Goldsworthy
Extension Associate Ext. 132
Horticultural Science
Mark Clough
Researcher and Extension Associate, Potato Breeding & Genetics Ext. 156
Area Specialized Agent
Scott Tilley
Agriculture, Field Crops Ext. 166
Office Staff
Melinda F. White
Administrative Support Associate Ext. 126