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Soil Fertility Management Information

General Fertility Management

North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual, Chapter 4, Fertilizer Use

Soil Facts publications, North Carolina State University Soil Science Department

Reference Sufficiency Ranges for Plant Analysis in the Southern Region of the United States

North Carolina Department of Agricultural & Consumer Services Soil, Plant, & Waste Analysis Report Information

Nutrient Management and Realistic Yield Expectations (RYE) for North Carolina

IFA World Fertilizer Use Manual This gives a general discussion of fertilizers and their efficient use, and information on more than 100 crops. It provides a global perspective on issues, but does not necessarily represent appropriate management information for North Carolina conditions.Reference Sufficiency Ranges for Plant Analysis in the Southern Region of the United States

Crop Problem Diagnosis Worksheet This worksheet directs a producer, agent, or consultant to organize information related to a specific field problem. Two pages are designed for recording field observations and management records. Three pages are designed to assist in interpreting information.
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The North Carolina Corn Production Guide

Scouting Corn in North Carolina

No-till management issues

No-till in the North Carolina Blacklands (a presentation made at the 22nd Southern Conservation Tillage Conference for Sustainable Agriculture in 1999 by Carl R. Crozier and Sam Brake)

Irish Potato

Potato health management in eastern North Carolina

Potato vine premature decline Plant Pathology Disease Note

Fertilizer and Soil Fertility Management References

General Information

Soil Fertility and Fertilizers: An Introduction to Nutrient Management 7th Ed. Havlin, John L., Samuel L. Tisdale, Werner L. Nelson, and James D. Beaton. Prentice Hall, Inc., Upper Saddle River, NJ. ISBN: 0130278246

Fertilizer 101 The Fertilizer Institute, Washington, DC. 2010.

Western Fertilizer Handbook: Third Horticulture Edition Peir, J., D. Barlow. ISBN-10: 098445750X

Photographs of Visual Deficiency Symptoms

Hungry Crops: a guide to nutrient deficiencies in field crops. 1987. Grundon, N.J. Queensland Department of Primary Industries, Brisbane. ISBN 0 7242 2315 0.

Plant Nutrient Disorders, 3: Vegetable Crops. 1993. Weir, R.G., and G.C. Cresswell. Inkata Press, Melbourne. ISBN 0-909605-91-2.

Diagnosis of Mineral Disorders in Plants, vol. 2: Vegetables. 1983. Scaife, A., and M. Turner. Chemical Publishing, NY. ISBN 0-8206-0307-4.

North Carolina Manual

Crop Fertilization Based on North Carolina Soil Tests. 1996. Tucker, M.R., J.K. Messick, C.C. Carter. Circular No. 1, NCDA Agronomic Division, Raleigh, NC.

Southeast Regional Manual

2013 Southeastern U.S. Vegetable Crop Handbook